Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Get Down Girl'

The last of our shoot ended in Sammy's apartment. Once the head office for Macellum Motors, this enclosed four-walled chamber quickly became a hot set. With most of the crew holding in the hallway, and those inside squeezed to stay out of shot, it was a real fight to get the scenes right.

In one of Sammy's final transformations, she finds her groove by allowing herself to get dirty. While nerves could of been pinched by time and space, Sook-Yin opted to demonstrate these aerobic moves herself. (Take note of the three layers underneath the red parka with black stallion tails).

And although the physical stress was demanding, setting the atmosphere for the actor to preform was most important. What better way to feel the groove than to have your director cut an orange rug?


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