Thursday, September 10, 2009

In the spring time of my love, I have forgotten the minus weather.

The tracking shot of the lovers biking was originally set to be riverside. At the start of the shoot, it looked good: green grass, a set of train tracks, and a parallel-running road to shoot from. We just needed a gap in the schedule to get the shot.

Then the river froze over and the snow fell. The smooth flowing Fraser became a jagged range of ice.

Sook-Yin then decided to find an alley way, or a stretch of building to shoot it against. She chose the line of brick facing the parking lot of our film studio/used car dealership. The production team then set to torch the frozen lot.

When considering the river, we discussed what affect it might have on the imagery. It could represent a new freedom the two have together, or endorse a coming of age theme, but on the other hand it could inconsistent with other locations. By using the wall, this shot still expresses freedom, but contains it in a world locked in industrial suburbia.

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